• Grace Care Centre Halloween

Residents, staff and the community celebrated Halloween at Grace Care Centre yesterday with a fantastic party where everyone was invited to come and join a host of ghoulish activities with a treat to a Magic & Ventriloquist show.

The last few days residents of Grace Care Centre have enjoyed the build up to halloween by decorating the homes lounges with ‘spooky’ themed attractions; autumn painted leaves, pumpkin carving, stone washing and painting as well as a GIANT ‘binbag’ spider.

The fun on halloween began at 5:30pm where residents and staff gathered in Grace Care Centre’s Café bar lounge to enjoy entertainment from ‘Ace of Diamonds’ Colin Dymond. Residents were treated to a full magic & ventriloquist act with volunteers coming from visiting family members and staff. Family members were thrilled to see loved ones engaging with new friends and with all the activities that were taking place; with one family member stating, “we haven’t seen our aunt smile and interact with people in a while!”.

“Who doesn’t love a bit of magic” said handyperson Marc who stayed behind after his shift to enjoy the Halloween party themed atmosphere.

To end the night Grace Care Centre’s resident chef bought out a fantastic array of buffet foods for all to enjoy; and of course, they were ‘spooky’ themed.

Some of our residents preferred to enjoy the evening in our Cinema room which was available to all residents all night. After a few recommendations, residents came to a joint decision to enjoy some ‘Carry on Films’ which belonged to one of the residents at Grace Care Centre.

Grace Care Centre residents and staff continue to build strong relationships and we look forward to watching them GROW!