On Saturday 21st April, Brookside opened its doors for Care Home Open Day

Brookside chose to merge its day with celebrations for the Queen’s Birthday and also the NAPA (National Activity Providers Association) challenge, which for 2018, was a food journey around the Commonwealth. Brookside chose to focus its day on India, Jamaica and Cyprus. The NAPA challenge has three main objectives; provide food that will encourage conversation, persuade residents to mobilise by providing interesting areas to visit, and post materials around that will help people to tap into memories about the Commonwealth. Brookside lived up to that challenge by creating stations under the title of each country with images and interesting facts about the land. Residents and visitors were then able to travel on the journey across the Commonwealth. They visited India for a curry, Jamaica for jerk chicken, and Cyprus for Moussaka. The residents and their families were joined by the wonderful Forest and Sandridge school and Queensway Nursery, and the bar flowed as all joined to feast and listen to the musical stylings of the very enthusiastic and energetic, Jim Gallagher, who brought his own fantastic flavour to the proceedings. The day was thoroughly enjoyed, and residents were happy to have had such an eventful afternoon travelling the world from their dining room chairs.