Congratulations to The Poplars on winning the Lincolnshire Christmas Best Decorated Home Competition.

Our judge Jill Hughes, Trustee, visited all the homes in Lincolnshire and said “I have enjoyed my week and it was great to see all of the homes so full of Christmas spirit, there has been such a tremendous variety of decorations to choose from and involvement from so many people. As usual, you have been amazingly inventive - from the beautiful wreath made from white plastic bags to the polystyerene cup snowman and the party-going-lady tree to name but a few - and there have been so many wonderfully baubled and tinsled trees”

In the end though I had to make a decision and the overall prize is going to Poplars for the sheer variety and colour of the decorations in all the rooms and corridors and great involvement of so many of the residents.

And because it’s Christmas, I would like to make a special judge’s award to be split between Boultham Park’s sensational winter wonderland and Appletrees’ ‘live’ decoration – a nativity play done by the residents, with a little help from a baby, a small lamb, a reindeer, staff, families, visitors - and sherry!

Well done to everyone who has been involved in making our homes so festive.