OSJCT's Grevill House launches its Advice Bites Cafe' providing guidance on paying for care.

Money is a common cause of concern in society, but imagine trying to keep track when you’re experiencing memory loss, and how do we make our money stretch to cover care costs? As you grow older, it can be difficult trying to balance these concerns, and helping an elderly relative or friend can be a challenge too.  There are many things to take into consideration when you support a loved one who is growing older. The Orders of St Johns Care Trust (OSJCT) is trying to support the community with this. The Advice Bite Café at Grevill House is held every last Thursday of the month.

The Advice Bite Café is catered for people who are concerned about someone else in their later years, and gives advice on how to support their relative or friend when they enter care. From financial planning, to keeping warm, benefits, avoiding fraud, independent living aids, staying social, understanding dementia and learning new skills that help you keep in touch, Advice Bite Café covers it all.

Experts in various fields host a presentation designed to help educate those who are supporting a loved one. Previous sessions have included advisors talking about options for funding long-term care, and how to use assets to help pay for the person’s choice of care for the rest of their lifetime, or estate and inheritance tax planning and power of attorney, which are things many people face when supporting their loved ones.

 “Many of us find ourselves concerned about a relative or friend because we notice that they are finding it hard to adapt to a slower pace and seem upset. Or their standards have changed or they are behaving differently. We might spot potential signs of the onset of dementia,” Coordinator of the café, Antonia Coles, said. “But do we know what to say, how to approach the subject? How to support but not interfere? Do we know what benefits are available that would really help them? The café aims to provide the information and support to help answer these questions and hopefully many more. The guest experts are passionate about their subject and have lots of experience.”

Come join Grevill House (OSJCT) on London Road every last Thursday of the month, from 6pm-7pm, and share and relate to any concerns and experiences over an informal chat.