Chicken update: the Stirlings chicks are all grown up!

This spring Stirlings Care Home in Wantage, Oxfordshire adopted some eggs that were incubated and soon hatched into beautiful, fluffy yellow chicks just in time for Easter.

While still very little the chicks were kept indoors in a specially-made coop, so residents have been able to observe closely as their new feathered friends have grown and developed. As their feathers came in the chicks looked rather beaky and straggly, like some sort of prehistoric creature. Residents took to describing them as looking like “little dinosaurs.”

As their feathers filled out, and they began to look like proper chickens, their coop was moved outside. They have been enjoying their new-found freedom in the fresh air and are now the focal point of Stirlings’ spacious garden. With the chickens, a thriving vegetable patch and some lovely seating, the garden at Stirlings has come into its own during the warmer weather. Everyone at the home is looking forward to Stirlings’ summer fete which will be held in the garden on 11th August. Please do go along to this event and don’t forget to say hello to the chickens while you are there.