• Dennis Cotton and CEO Dan Hayes
  • Dennis Cotton and friends/family and The Poplars.

Dennis Cotton has been a resident at The Orders of St John Care Trust’s (OSJCT) The Poplars home for 20 years, and his loyalty to the home was celebrated in a very special event.

Dennis's loyalty to the home was celebrated in a very special event.

OSJCT Chief Executive, Dan Hayes, was there too.

“When I told people, I was coming here today to mark Dennis’s 20 years residency, so many people asked me to pass on their best wishes.”

Former employees from the Trust made a special effort to travel back to The Poplars so they could help Dennis celebrate the momentous occasion.

“Dennis is one of the kindest, most helpful people I have met. He always does so much to support and help others; he is an inspiration,” The Poplars Home Manager, Maxine Kennedy, said.

Dennis spends most of his time helping his fellow residents, and kindly collects their newspapers from the local shop, sets the table at meal times, and waters the pretty hanging baskets in during summer.

There was a specially written poem for Dennis, and guests enjoyed a delicious buffet, a few celebratory drinks and plenty of dancing to the live band which was put on for the special occasion.

“It was a wonderful surprise for Dennis; he deserves to have a special party,” Head of Care, Debbie Langford, said.

Congratulations to our very special resident, Dennis, and everyone at The Poplars.

*Pictures: Market Rasen Mail*