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The Orders of St John Care Trust is celebrating 34 homes across Lincolnshire and Wiltshire being pressure ulcer free for 100 plus days.

Did you know that around 700,000 people are affected by pressure ulcers each year and cost to the NHS is more than £3.8 million per day?

A pressure ulcer is an injury to the skin or underlining tissue caused by prolonged pressure to the skin. They are avoidable and are a key indicator of the quality and experience of a resident’s or a patient’s care. When they do occur, they can have painful and debilitating effects on the person.

The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) is proud to be supporting the ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign, launched by NHS Midlands and East in a bid to improve the lives of those living in care. Over the last six months, the Trust has had a success rate of 18 homes remaining pressure ulcer free.

Since the campaign launched, employees at The Orders of St John Care Trust have been trained to recognise the early warning signs and learn preventative measures to successfully treat the ulcers.

Victoria Elliot, Principal Care Consultant at The Orders of St John Care said, “We are really proud of the fabulous work that OSJCT care teams do in supporting residents to avoid pressure ulcers. We have achieved a 100 plus pressure ulcer free days across 34 homes in Lincolnshire, Wiltshire,Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.”

The homes that have achieved 100 plus pressure ulcer free days are:


  • Foxby Court
  • Whitefriars
  • Gregory House
  • Boultham Park House
  • Patchett Lodge
  • Digby Court
  • Eresby Hall
  • Ermine House
  • Hartsholme House


  • Avonbourne Care Centre
  • Ashwood Care Centre
  • Marden Court
  • St Wilfrid's Priory
  • Fives Court
  • Bartlett House
  • Brookside
  • Buckland Court
  • The Cedars
  • Hayward Care Centre
  • Coombe End Court


  • Marston Court
  • Spencer Court
  • Stirlings
  • Townsend House (Oxon)
  • Westgate House


  • Henlow Court
  • Monkscroft Care Centre
  • Orchard House (Glos)
  • Paternoster House
  • Rodley House
  • The Elms
  • The Lakes Care Centre
  • Windsor Street
  • Wyatt House