Oxfordshire Trust in Bloom Garden Competition

This year the garden competition was judged by one of our Trustee’s, Millie Wentworth-Stanley and special guest John Mattock. John is a current resident at Spencer Court and has previously been a head judge at the Chelsea Flower show assisting the queen mother! We were extremely privileged to have John help with the judging and I think you will agree that he helped make the right decisions.

Our regional winners and runner-ups are as follows:

Best Front Garden: Chilterns End – The front garden was very welcoming with a lovely colourful planter next to the home sign and an amazing rowing boat filled with shrubs and flowers.

Best Rear Garden: Larkrise - With a lovely courtyard featuring a wishing well with butterflies, bright blue benches and an array of hanging baskets with bright coloured flowers and neat borders, this was a hands down winner.

Best Hanging Basket: Marston Court – Although a difficult one to judge, the mix of bright orange, purple, pink and cream flowers was very eye catching and made this hanging basket the winner.

Best Veg/Border: Madley Park – A lovely arrangement of a mixture of various plants and flowers.

Best Planter/Tub/Container: Spencer Court and Longlands – Spencer court had an amazing blue speed boat which was filled with neatly planted flowers. Such a great idea! Longlands had a lovely old fashioned hexagonal stone tub filled with pretty flowers. It is a definite main feature of the garden.

Trustee Special Award: Henry Cornish for most improved garden since 2014

Best Overall Garden:

1st Place:  Madley Park – This garden was just wonderful; so many plants, flowers, sensory objects and a lovely patio. Although again a very difficult decision to make, you could tell that a lot of thought had gone in to making the garden how the residents would like it to be.

2nd Place: Larkrise - With its abundance of plants, bright flowers, blue benches and butterflies, this was an extremely good entry.

3rd Place: Marston Court – The garden had some lovely wood chipping with water features and painted benches making it have a very relaxed feel.

Huge congratulations to all our winners and runner ups for 2015 and a special thank you to John and Millie.