The Orders of St John Care Trust fielded its very own Wiltshire Wanderers to tackle the Beast from the East that arrived in the UK last week.

This resulted in many employees going above and beyond to ensure our residents would remain safe in the treacherous conditions. Caroline Rimell, Area Operations Manager for Wiltshire, said, “There have been many wonderful stories of how our teams and individuals went above and beyond during the wintry weather. They all did really well.”

At Willowcroft, Sharon Payne Home Manager, stayed overnight to cover employee resources as other employees were unable to make it to the home. Katie, Travis, Dave and Dea also offered to stay, taking it in turns to cover the nights if they were needed.  Dave also had to walk five miles to get to work, and arrived looking like a yeti so a big thank you making such an effort.
Many locals offered the use of the 4x4 cars to assist with getting ambulances up the hill, whilst a local shop opened to bring the homeless in and give them somewhere warm to sleep.

A huge thank you to one of the carers at Hungerford House who did a night shift and came back later that afternoon to cover a shift. This person also had to walk 45 minutes to get to and from the home. That's an excellent commitment! 

Hannah Steele, Shift Leader at Goodson Lodge, kept everything moving in the absence of the Home Manager and Deputy Home Manager, making a difficult day great for everyone. Well done and thank you for your work.

Athelstan House had its very own Angels during the weather. Lucy Ponting offered to stay at the home for a couple of days on her days off and even walked through thick snow to get to work and coordinated everything with such a cheery nature. Maria Middleton, Deputy Manager, gave up her annual leave to provide a taxi service getting others to work with her 4x4.

Well done to three employees from The Cedars home who bunked in together in one of the vacant rooms to ensure the home’s residents were looked after and a normal level of care was provided. One of the employees came in on Friday and didn’t leave till late Saturday, even though she was on annual leave! Dean Palfrey, Acting Home Manager, sent a Thank You card to the three employees for their efforts during the bad weather.

Another star from last week was Danielle Hannan from Buckland Court, who battled the snow in full protection to get into work and be there for the homes residents.

Thank you to all our homes for going above and beyond during the wild weather.